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Discover the Terrazza Caffarelli
An overview of this amazing location

Admiring the Capital City from one of the most fascinating viewpoints and getting lost amid the timid rooftops of the houses located in the heart of the Eternal City. This is one of the great opportunities that only a city like Rome can offer.
The Terrace is a magnificent and exclusive location, with outdoor spaces that can be covered with a roofed structure creating an approximately 300 sqm large area equipped with a heating system in wintertime. First Ladies and Heads of States from all over the world can confirm the unique and unrivalled beauty of the Terrazza Caffarelli. A location that will enchant you and will make your relaxing moments or meetings unique, and even more than that… Exclusive events become real happenings, where you can plunge into the history and the artistic and architectural wonders of Rome.
This jewel of rare beauty is managed by Le Voilà Banqueting, which is reviving its most exclusive scents and creative cuisine. The Terrace is a source of pride and boast for the city of Rome. It offers visitors from all over the world the opportunity to live unique moments and experience quality food and passion for art in an exclusive location, feeling like the custodians of timeless memories.

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The Terrazza Caffarelli is a panoramic rooftop and fantastic location for events and luxury ceremonies on the Capitoline Hill, in the very centre of Rome. Located just next to the Capitoline Museums, the Terrace offers not only a breathtaking view of Rome, but features also specific technical characteristics that make it an ideal location for events, luxury events, ceremonies, photo shootings and exclusive concerts or cultural events.


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The Terrazza Caffarelli is located in the heart of Rome, on the Capitoline hill, next to the Capitoline Museums.
With its wide outdoor space and its unique view, the Terrazza Caffarelli is the ideal location to host your exclusive and luxury events and ceremonies.



Welcome to the history

The Caffarelli Palace and Terrace

Palazzo e Terrazza Caffarelli

The Capitoline Hill and Marcus Aurelius

Il Campidoglio e il Marco Aurelio

The Capitoline Museums and The Cafeteria

I Musei Capitolini e il Caffè Capitolino


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