Le Voilà Banqueting & Catering has worked in the Catering and Luxury Catering Services industry and the Luxury Banqueting industry for 20 years, matching its respect for quality standards and traditional tastes and flavours, with a modern, innovative and creative approach. The experience acquired in the management of exclusive locations - combining history, culture, art, beauty, taste and pleasure under the frescoed vaults of historical mansions, villas, residences and palaces -, brought Le Voilà Banqueting to accept to embark on the new management of the Terrazza Caffarelli.

Therefore, Le Voilà Banqueting now promotes Made in Italy in Banqueting and Luxury Catering services and is engaged in an ambitious project to revive the history and the artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome in “exclusive” locations, which are brought back to their ancient prestige. Individuals, companies and institutions will be able to pride themselves on their exclusive event organised in a unique and original scenery, and at the same time they will be guided by the high professionalism and mastership of Le Voilà Banqueting Event Managers and their tailor-made concepts.

With Le Voilà Banqueting, each event or important occasion at the Terrazza Caffarelli becomes an explosion of taste. We offer undeniably fascinating atmospheres and fine cooking, focusing on the slightest details throughout the entire product supply chain: from the supply of ingredients and raw materials, to the preparation of dishes. Present, past and future are revived in the features and nuances of ‘simpler’ dishes, blending with one another and becoming an expression of balance, perfection, harmony and discovery.
New sceneries, new layouts, and new combinations will be created and will unveil their original essence, for a real sensual experience that will delight you with unique moments.

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