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Art forms, as such, tend to mix with one other more and more, like in subtle game capable of disseminating creativity and beauty. A form can be called art when a line of thought and a common language represent the signifier made brilliant by the art form.
Being different, arts that are not necessarily similar can convey a background of experience and culture, bringing added value to the sum of the two.

It is exactly what happens with the show cooking at the Terrazza Caffarelli. Here, top-quality raw materials are the protagonists of a show that becomes art. This is made possible thanks to a creative language which is the result of the experience and creativity of Le Voilà Banqueting chefs, performance arts, a view overlooking the whole city of Rome, classical music and professional players, accompanied by a luxury banqueting service. The fine set-ups and solutions of the luxury banqueting service will enchant your guests, involving them with sophisticated tastes.

An event, a wedding or a ceremony at the Terrazza Caffarelli is not just a simple lunch or dinner, but rather a real show, where you will have the possibility to know and appreciate the food you taste.
With Le Voilà Banqueting staff, the Terrazza Caffarelli becomes a top location for art and creativity. We will please your palate, and also delight you with our show cooking: an innovative, exclusive and trendy show where food is not just about taste, but also visual art, thanks to all the added values that only this magnificent location for luxury events can offer.

The inauguration of the location inside the Capitoline Museums was an important moment to appreciate the performances of Le Voilà Banqueting chefs; the event was a critical acclaim both for the banqueting organisation and food quality, creating an ideal match between the Terrazza Caffarelli and Le Voilà Banqueting for luxury banqueting.

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