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Organising an event at the Terrazza Caffarelli? It is easy and simple with our problem-solving oriented staff.

The Terrazza Caffarelli is a panoramic rooftop and fantastic location for events and luxury ceremonies on the Capitoline Hill, in the very centre of Rome. Located just next to the Capitoline Museums, the Terrace offers not only a breathtaking view of Rome, but features also specific technical characteristics that make it an ideal location for events, luxury events, ceremonies, photo shootings and exclusive concerts or cultural events.

Directly connected to the Cafeteria of the Capitoline Museums, the Terrazza Caffarelli has an approximately 900 sqm large panoramic terrace, of which 300 sqm are equipped with a practical and beautiful roofed structure that can be opened in summer, and closed and heated in winter. So the location is perfect for events in every season. The roofed structure on the terrace can host more than 300 seats indoors, whereas the outdoor space, with sofas and seats, can host as much. This means that the layout of the spaces can be adjusted at will during the event, according to the different organisational needs.

A canopy structure is also available. This technical area can serve as kitchen or storage during the event. So, the spaces can be isolated and managed according to your needs.

The Cafeteria of the Capitoline Museums is open every day, 9.30 to 7 p.m. It has approximately 20 tables with more than 50 seats and serves as a bar, American bar and fast food restaurant.

The internal kitchen ensures that quality fresh food is served at the Cafeteria and the Restaurant. It prepares dishes made to order and quick snacks that you can eat in an environment mixing history and tradition with modern savours and tastes. The space also has toilets, including toilets accessible to people with disability. Free Wi‐Fi is available in the whole area.

Click here to download the plan of the Terrazza Caffarelli and the Cafeteria at the Capitoline Museums

Informazioni tecniche

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