Located inside the splendid Palace hosting the Capitoline Museums, the Terrazza Caffarelli is an exclusive luxury location overlooking the artistic, urban and architectural wonders of the Capital City, offering a panoramic view amongst the most fascinating ones in Rome.

The cradle of ancient history, the Eternal City offers its guests the enchantment of one of the most fascinating spaces: the Terrazza Caffarelli. Morning to evening, the Terrace is filled with unique scents that will please your taste, thanks to the Luxury Food prepared by Le Voilà Banqueting Chefs. In many regards, the Terrazza Caffarelli is the setting of a timeless history enriched with charming views. Here you can organise stylish events of rare beauty: Gala Dinners, Exhibitions, Meetings & Conventions hosted on the splendid Terrace, where the balance of the structure is unchanged and your guests can be surprised with unforgettable memories.

Far from the city traffic and immersed in the quietness of the Palace, the Terrazza Caffarelli has versatile indoor and outdoor event spaces that can be used all year round. The Terrace offers unique scenery on top of the city and looks over Rome. From Altare della Patria (Altar of Homeland) to the dome of St Peter’s, the Terrazza Caffarelli towers over with its elegance and style, in a mix of past and present that makes room for the adornments of the Palace and keeps its ancient touch unchanged.

A finely designed and modern structure that does not change the scenery, stretches along the external part of the Terrace. This structure enables guests to use the Terrace in the warmest hours of the day. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing climate, perfect for a breakfast, lunch or brunch that will delight you in a regenerative atmosphere.

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