Food and art, a perfect blend that is always much appreciated today, but whose origins date back to the year dot. As a matter of fact, art - as a representation and embodiment of reality - has always used food to enrich and embellish its masterpieces or, more simply, to depict habits and scenes of real life. However, this relation has historically been univocal: art has mainly used food in its representations and not vice versa.
It is only in the past decades that food, food and luxury creativity and its representation have started to be conceived as a possible form of art. An art that can mix ingredients that may be even different from a cultural point of view, presenting dishes and recipes as real culinary works.
Art and food being two essential pleasures in life, this matching is absolutely right in our opinion. These two spirits may apparently seem far away from one another, but they use a common platform to create and reach a harmonious blend, thanks to the creativity of our chefs.

Indeed, “beautiful” is everything which is pleasant to the eye and touch, and which creates harmony and emotions. Without creativity, art is empty and gives rooms to just imitation and purely technical exercise.
On the contrary, a real chef is able to play with the ingredients available and can present the same dish in different ways and with different tastes: a dish or a recipe can be universally renowned, but it can be unique to the eye and palate when the cuisine is exclusive and like no other.
Creativity and the right balance between taste and excellent raw materials enable us to create dishes with pleasantly unusual combinations of flavours and express our food creativity. Beauty becomes an element of seduction, used by the chefs of the Terrazza Caffarelli to describe themselves, their cuisine and their relentless search and discovery.

Resourcefulness, tradition, creativity and professionalism are the values that inspire the Chefs of the Terrazza Caffarelli every day; their mission, as well as that of the entire staff of the Terrazza Caffarelli, is to make you discover original dishes and enhance taste sensations, in an explosion of taste and scents where bitter, sour, sweet and salty perfectly mix, in order to excite and please your eyes.

This is what food creativity is about at the Terrazza Caffarelli

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