The best location for your events

The Terrazza Caffarelli is located in the heart of Rome, on the Capitoline hill, next to the Capitoline Museums.
With its wide outdoor space and its unique view, the Terrazza Caffarelli is the ideal location to host your exclusive and luxury events and ceremonies.
Thanks to the management, creativity and experience of Le Voilà Banqueting Event Managers, different settings can be recreated, accompanied by a luxury banqueting service with fine food and gourmet food that will please the palate of your guests.
The Terrazza Caffarelli is a versatile location that can host any type of event or ceremony: from an unforgettable luxury ceremony to exclusive concerts, book presentations, vernissage events, photo shootings, gala dinners and conventions, made unique by the scenery of Rome.

PRs & Press services as well as social & web communication services are also available to advertise your event and increase engagement rate, for a tailor-made and accurate communication campaign; moreover, with our photo and video coverage and the visual communication projects for events, you can be sure you will not lose any of your best moments during the event.
In addition, the Terrazza Caffarelli staff can provide any other service on demand: from Security service, to ensure a smoothly management of your event, to Hostess service, to welcome your guests in the best possible way.

The icing on the cake?
On demand, you can mix free time and culture, with a fascinating private visit to the Capitoline Museums that will be open just for you thanks to the Terrazza Caffarelli.

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